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These links will show you how to read your ​commercial policy. You can view the explanation by either clicking a question in the list or by clicking a color-coded region in the Policy Key below.


What is my Policy Number?
Your policy number is listed on the top right side of the Declarations Page.


When does my policy expire?
The duration of your policy is listed under Policy Period, located next to your Policy Number. Please contact your producer about questions related to your policy. 

Commercial_Policy Expire

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Who is my Service Provider?
The Service Provider is the company providing coverage to your policy and can be found ​below your policy number and policy period.

Commercial_Service Provider

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Who is my Producer?
Your Producer is the assigned contact who handles your account, managing additions, endorsements and changes to your policy.


What does my Policy Cover?
Your policy coverage's are found below your producer information.  Here, is where your policy coverage's are listed.


Commercial_Policy Coverages

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How is my Premium Calculated?
Your premium is based on the type and amount of coverage you elect applying any discount or surcharge available to your policy.  Each fee and or discount/surcharge are calculated determining your policy premium.  Your policy premium is located to the right of policy coverage's.  

Commercial_Policy Premium

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What are my Endorsements?

Your endorsements are ​specific, additional coverage's that are covered by your policy. Your endorsements can be found on page two of your Declarations Page and each endorsement are listed as seen below. If you have any questions or concerns about your policy, please contact your producer.

Commercial_Policy Endorsements

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