Policy, Billing, Claim Status


Round 18 - Assumption Date 10/1/2023

Companies interested in participation in Round 18 of Depopulation must be admitted in the State of Louisiana to write property insurance.  For futher information, refer to the Depopulation Process.

To obtain LCPIC data for policies included in the take-out program, please submit the following documents to LCPIC by July 1, 2023. Refer to the Timeline for additional key dates. 

                                           -  Louisiana Certificate of Authority
                                           -  Financial Requirements
                                           -  Non-Disclosure Agreement


Additionally, participating companies are required to submit a Coverage Comparison Worksheet for each policy type selected by the company for potential assumption.  Worksheets will be posted on LCPIC's website as a resource for agents and policyholders. 

Please complete and submit worksheets using the templates below to by July 16, 2023.                                                                    

Coverage Comparison Worksheet Templates
DWG-1, DWG-1 Condo, and DWG-1 Mobile Home
DWG-1 WH Only, DWG-1 Condo WH Only, and DWG-1 Mobile Home WH Only
DWG-2 and DWG-3
DWG-3 WH Only
HO-2 and HO-3

Interested companies may email for further information.