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Nov 27, 2019

Metairie, LA, December 2, 2019Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. (‘LCPIC’), today announced its issuance of a new request for proposals pertaining to the company’s search for vendors to service insurance claims after a catastrophe. LCPIC looks to build upon its current Catastrophe preparedness model that has been robustly developed over the past five years enabling them to be ready to respond to a 38,000 claim event. 

“We all remember the recent devastating season where three Category 4 storms tore through the Atlantic Basin affecting Puerto Rico, Houston, and Florida. Louisiana narrowly escaped another hurricane Nate that followed. Quickly responding to LCPIC customers during the most significant time of their lives is something we work tirelessly to strategize and prepare for in our catastrophe claim processes. We partner with vendors who can achieve these goals,” said Richard Newberry, LCPIC’s Chief Executive Officer.

LCPIC’s policy count is now approximately 38,000, down from 174,000 in 2008. 

“While the policies in force for Citizens have reduced over the years, the exposure of the majority of these still remains high being most are along the coast – very susceptible to any hurricane,” said Stephanie Jackson, Senior Director of Claims. “We need to be prepared if 100% of our customers have a claim following a catastrophe.”

Proposals from applicants can be submitted on any of four distinct Service Categories; (A) Primary Catastrophe Claims Administration Services, (B) Secondary Catastrophe Claims Administration Services, (C) Catastrophe Adjusting Services, and (D) Catastrophe First Notice of Loss Call Center Services. The Primary Catastrophe Claims Administrator will be responsible for overseeing the claims processes during a CAT, as well as, provide up to 400 of their own adjusters to handle the corresponding claims. The Secondary Back up Catastrophe Claims Administrator will provide back up support to the Primary Administrator, providing a minimum of 125 adjusters. Other Catastrophe Adjusting Service firms will provide support to the administrator and will have to provide a minimum commitment of at least 25 adjusters. Catastrophe FNOL call center services are shown to need the ability to respond to more than 2,500 calls a day immediately following a hurricane.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 4:00 PM Friday, January 10, 2020. To obtain the full RFP specifications visit www.lacitizens.com/claims-center/rfp-cat-services.

The full Calendar of Events for the RFP is:

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