Policy, Billing, Claim Status

The Claims Process


  • Claims can either be reported online, via Producer or by calling 1.888.568.6455 - option 3.
  • (If possible, please have your policy number available) or you can report the claim online.
  • Once your claim has been reported, Citizens will provide a claim number and assign a claim examiner to work directly with you on your claim and answer any questions.
  • Your claims examiner will assist you with:
    •       - Coverage/ Deductible questions
    •       - Scheduling an Inspection
    •       - Repair Options
    •       - Additional questions that arise even after your claim is closed.


Settlement of the Claim

  • If your policy covers the specified damage to your property and the amount of loss is more than your deductible, your claim examiner will submit the claim for payment.
  • A check will be issued to the insurable parties listed on your policy. Your mortgage company may be included on the check.
  • If your policy allows for replacement cost, two or more payments may be made. 
    •  - The initial payment will be for the actual cash value of the item(s).
    •  - The remaining (deferred amount) may be claimed upon replacement of the item(s) within the specified time frame allowed in your policy. 

Property Loss Inspection

  • Your Citizens claim examiner will contact you as soon as reasonably possible. Depending on the type of loss, the claims process may include the following steps:
    • Inspection of Damages: If an inspection is required, you will be contacted by one of our partner Field Adjuster to schedule an appointment to inspect the damages. If you have a contractor who has done work on your home in the past, we invite you to have the contactor(s) present during this inspection.
    • Damage Estimate: Our Adjusters will write an estimate based on the quality of materials comparable to those found in your home before it was damaged. The estimate will take into account local material prices and labor rates.
    • Documention of Damaged Items: For theft losses or damage to personal/business property, your claims examiner may request you to fill out an inventory list of items. This list would include the name of the item, age, model, serial number, etc. of each item. We may also request proof of ownership. Examples of this are copies of any original receipts, appraisals, photographs, manuals or any supporting documentation of ownership. Verification of product and pricing will then be completed.

Review of the Claim

  • Each claim is unique and is evaluated based on its own specific circumstances. Once the information for a claim is gathered in the investigation process, it is reviewed and evaluated depending on the type of claim.
    • Determination of Coverage: The claims examiner will review all of the information gathered in the investigation process. Once the cause of loss is determined, it will be reviewed with your policy and a determination of coverage will be made. If your loss is not covered, prompt notification will be given, including a written explanation. 
    • Determination of Claim Amount: If your loss is covered, the cost to repair the damage to your structure and/or personal property will be based on the estimates prepared by our field adjuster, your contractor and any documentation you submitted. Certain policy terms and conditions may affect the settlement amount. In some cases, “depreciation” may be applied. Depreciation is the difference between the cost required to actually repair or replace the damaged item and its value before it was destroyed. While that amount may be withheld from you initially, it may be "recoverable" and refunded to you if your policy provides replacement cost coverage. The appropriate policy deductible will also be applied to arrive at the net settlement amount.