Policy, Billing, Claim Status

Company Overview

Louisiana Citizens is the insurance of last resort and is state-mandated to be more costly than private property insurance companies.

The Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is a nonprofit organization created to provide insurance products for residential and commercial property applicants who are in good faith entitled, but unable, to procure insurance through the voluntary insurance marketplace.

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation will:
Provide comprehensive coverage to policyholders at rates that are not competitive with rates charged in the voluntary market.

Respond timely and efficiently to the ever-changing property insurance marketplace with due consideration to the needs of Louisiana Citizens policyholders.

Facilitate the ability of policyholders to obtain property insurance from private insurers and encourage the depopulation of the company.
Meet and maintain its fiscal obligations to policyholders by:
Developing superior procedures to meet regular operating requirements.
Establishing procedures to secure necessary financial resources in the event of a catastrophe.