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LA Citizen's Assessment Information Center

Emergency Assessments Calendar Key dates throughout the year regarding the annual Emergency Assessment cycle.
2016 Emergency Assessment2016 Emergency Assessment Rate
Overview Understanding how catastrophes are funded, and how assessment processes are integral parts of that.
Procedures, Forms, Instructions and Other GuidanceDetailed information on how to administer your requirements under the assessment processes.
2006 Bond Issuance InformationEverything you ever wanted to know (and more) about the 2006 bond issuance.
2009 Bond Issuance2009 Bond Issuance
2012 Refunding Bond Issuance2012 Refunding Bond Issuance
2015 Refunding Bond Issue2015 Refunding Bond Issue
2015 Emergency Assessments2015 Emergency Assessment Instructions
2015 Regular Assessment Participation RatiosInformation on each assessable company's percentage of industry assessable premium should a Regular Assessment be declared.

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