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Property Insurers in the State of Louisiana Survey

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is required to ensure its rates are at least 10% above voluntary market rates in accordance with Louisiana R.S. 22:2303.  As a result, LCPIC is required to annually collect data from property insurers as part of its ratemaking process.  

Download the Survey Letter and Survey Worksheet from the links below.

Refer to the instructions tab of the attached excel file for details on how to compile the requested policy information.

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2018 Survey WorksheetXLSX4.56 MB19 Mar, 2018 Download
2018 Market Survey NoticePDF226.54 KB19 Mar, 2018 Download

If your company does not write any of the products outlined in the instructions tab of the attached excel file, please send an email to
 "Derek Haney" stating such.

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